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10 Ingenious DIY Repair Jobs

By on September 24, 2014

Ah, good old Yankee ingenuity. It’s what sets us apart from the rest of the world. No other country can claim to have our unique mix of resourcefulness, creativity, and inventiveness. This is most specially true when it comes to fixing our cars. The results may not always be pretty, but they sure as hell work!

Here are 10 DIY repair jobs that prove just how ingenious we truly are:

  1. Who needs a new bumper when you can just chain a log onto your car’s rear end and call it a day?

    Source: Pinterest

  2. Forks don’t just let you eat properly. They also allow you to open doors…apparently.
    Door handle

    Source: Funny Bundle

  3. Reclining seats with warmers and proper lumbar support are overrated.
    Driver's seat

    Source: The Meta Picture

  4. Because a new door costs so much more.

    Source: Pinterest

  5. Give it a week and you won’t even notice the handle anymore.
    Side mirror

    Source: Funny Bundle

  6. Does it have iPod Connectivity?

    Source: Buzzfeed

  7. Step on brakes, and switch on.
    Brake lights

    Source: The Chive

  8. This should keep your car safe and secure.

    Source: FB-T

  9. No spare tire? No problem!
    Spare tire

    Source: Funny Bundle

  10. The law only says functional headlights, and this qualifies, right?

    Source: Imgur

There you go. Impressive, right? Now, tell us if you see more ingenious repair jobs, and we might just feature them right here!

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