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10 Garages That Would Make You Wish You Were The Owner

By on September 9, 2014

For most of us, having a nice and clean garage where we can safely park our car is all that we need. We’ll, that’s true. But if you’re not like the rest of us (meaning you have sacks of money burning a hole in your pocket), you surely won’t just settle for a square room with a roof and an automatic garage door system, right? Because that’s exactly what some people did. Check out some of the most envy-worthy garages that we found on the Internet.  We suggest you scroll down slowly and try not to weep.

1. An underground garage where you can neatly stash your Porsche

e3323e606d6ab893a28dce9bf18418a2Source: Pinterest


2. This two-story muscle car heaven

4c1ad7336fd4298871fa0a9e12270970Source: Pinterest


3. Somebody’s grownup toy shelf

Garage Design Grown-up toy shelfSource: Pinterest


4. A garage that’s camouflaged as a house

8347b4ee252757be7f14103e176aaa99Source: Pinterest


5. A garage that’s actually part of the house

95e24c607ca80735083a88457708825fSource: Pinterest


6. This hidden garage

f291434ee3532a14252e3690f49edc59Source: Pinterest


7. “Mini” garage

a9db195b75db465964bf7990ffad1a39Source: Pinterest


8. Garage with a fleet of red cars

1b42eeda6b40fbbd1049cfa892158a3cSource: Pinterest

9. A boat that’s also a garage

e4fc034ae28956bb59d91fdf16a7ef22Source: Pinterest

10. Garage with a Foosball table and a Ferrari Formula 1 race car on the wall

e606ddaa1136ff460160180fcd561c04Source: Pinterest

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