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10 Driving Laws You Did Not Expect to Exist

By on September 26, 2014



Have you ever encountered weird driving laws? Apparently, every state or country has them.  Some of them are senseless and quite dated and it makes you wander how these laws came to be. Here is the list to summarize all the driving laws that you never  expect to exist.

1. “No matter what you do never stop at a pedestrian lane!”

Well, in China,  you should always remember not to stop or slow down at a pedestrian lane when driving unless you want to get in trouble with the law. We guess the Chinese are used to avoiding situations like this:

Source: Imgur 

2. “Never wash or clean your car on a SUNDAY!”

Source: Imgur 

In Switzerland, it is against the law to wash your car on Sundays because of their Anti- noise Pollution laws. So, does it mean washing your car is considered noisy in Switzerland?

3.  “Pay a fine if you drive with a GORILLA in your backseat!”

Source: Coloribus


In Massachusetts,  if you decide to take your pet gorilla for a ride around town then be prepared to pay a fine.

4. “Don’t drink water while driving!”


You can’t do this in Cyprus.
Source: Imgur 

We’re not even talking about alcohol. In Cyprus, no matter how hot the weather is you should not drink even WATER while driving or else you’ll be having problems with the police.  Better drink all the water you can before driving.

5. “Make sure to pay the parking fee when tying an elephant to the parking meter!”

In Florida,  not paying the parking fee after tying an elephant, goat or alligator to a parking meter is against the law. We’re not sure about other animals but take special note of these three.

Maybe they’re just trying to keep things like this from happening:

Source Website

Source: Imgur

6. “Get a ticket when your car runs out of gas!

Source: Quick meme .

In Youngstown, Ohio, NEVER forget to check your fuel tank before going out because if you run out of gas, you will be given a ticket.

7. “Don’t wear a blindfold!”


In Alabama, driving with a blindfold is not allowed… which begs the question: is there anyone who would dare do this? Would you?

8. “Don’t get in a cab when you have bad breath!”

The law actually makes sense when you consider it prevents a situation like this from happening.
Source: Funny Gifs

In Ontario, Canada, better make sure you have fresh breath and always carry breath mints whenever you get into a cab or else you might commit a crime.

9. “Shoot that whale?”

Source: Imgur .

In Tennessee, shooting animals while in the car is strictly prohibited unless it is a WHALE.  Meanwhile, in Connecticut, shooting whales while in the car is strictly prohibited. So which is more humane?

10.Don’t let your pet molest a vehicle!”

You can’t do that, cat. You’re not even a dog.
Source: Pet – Cutie .

In Kentucky, if your pet molests a vehicle then it is your responsibility to pay the fine. Needless to say, you should  get your pets trained if you plan on visiting Kentucky with them because somebody else’s stinky tires could mean your financial burden.

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