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Review: Jet Performance Stage 1 Performance Module

By on January 15, 2014

Product: Jet Performance Stage 1 Power Module
Vehicle: 2006 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
Level of Difficulty: Very Easy


My husband and I have had the pleasure of owning a coveted 2006 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited for the past 3 years. We bought it from a Toyota mechanic who was a serious off-roader and had done following modifications – frame-mounted rock sliders, heavy-duty front and rear bumpers, a spare tire rack, Old Man EMU lift and a K&N cold air system. In preparation for serious off-roading we added on a Flex-a-lite electric fan and upgraded our metric tires with 15/32” tires before we did the Rubicon with some friends and family the summer of 2012. We came out of the adventure unscathed, but were not satisfied with the Jeep’s daily drivability.

We were battling a flat spot in the lower power range from just about 2000-2500 RPMs where it would fall on its face and you’d just have to stand on it to get it to move. This was also true at the 1200-2000 RPM range…it was just so sluggish in that whole lower end range that it was hard to distinguish the exact points, but the 2000-2500 was particularly noticeable. I think the gas gauge moved faster than the Jeep itself moved.

So, after researching power programmers, we decided to install a Stage One Performance Module by JET Performance and see if we could get a few more MPGs, RPMs and HPs. A tall order, but with just a couple hundred bucks at stake, we thought it might be worth the investment if only for the increased pleasure in drivability it since it’s my husband’s daily driver.

First Impressions

Opening the small box that contained just one piece – the module itself – and after reviewing the brief directions it was clear that anyone can do this install. Now, we would have shown you a picture here of the original box, but our 2-year-old black Lab decided HE was going to check it out first while we were out. Sorry. So here’s the inner packaging and simple instruction sheets to show you just how nicely laid out the instructions are. My husband instantly knew this was going to be a 10-minute job.


So installation went step-by-step, just according to how the instructions were laid out. The only tool needed is a wrench to disconnect the battery. The manual is laid out by year/make/model as to how to install the module with no question as to which set of instructions you should follow. Nice and easy to flip through quickly.

So once you find your specific application (ours was for Dodge/Jeep vehicles 2004 – up) just follow it step-by-step and my husband found it to be clear and concise.

The bottom line

After installation

This was the best couple hundred bucks spent on this Jeep in the past couple of years. The JET programmer totally smoothed out the power band, getting rid of that flat spot between 2000-2500 RPMs! And it enhanced throttle response throughout the rest of the power band as well…a MUCH better daily driver with a more even pedal feel. For our next project we are thinking about a cat-back exhaust system to minimize back pressure and find a few more horse power. Stay tuned!

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