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Rate My Ride Wednesdays Roundup: Cool ’52 Chevy Truck Wallops Competition

By on October 22, 2013

APW Rate My RIde

This is why we love getting photo contributions from our fans in our weekly Rate My Ride Wednesdays!

Once in a while, we get real gems such as this beautifully restored and maintained 1952 Chevy Truck from Ryan Lower. With a stunning blue green paint job, Ryan’s truck is definitely a looker. And it’s no slouch in the engine department either, boasting an original 236 CI under the hood. The ’52 Chevy Truck was a clear winner, garnering the most likes and getting the highest average rating for the week with 8.75.

Our second placer 1983 Chevy Camaro Z28 might be a work in progress according to owner Gerromy DeShaun Miller but its polished retro 80s vibe makes it a real head turner.

Another marquee from GMC took third place–David Christmas’ 1986 Buick Regal in the flashy ‘desert bronze pearl’ color. The Buick got a 7.46 average score.

Meanwhile, Alex Adams’ blue 2005 Honda Civic may not be as showy as the week’s top vote-getter but you can’t really put a reliable and efficient car down. Alex’s Civic drove away with a score of 5.7 and fourth place.

To complete our round up, let’s welcome our first picks from Instagram and Twitter–user cat_sm1th’s black Mazda CX-5 (score: 2.00) and Vincent Devera’s Jeep Rubicon (score: 5.0).

Do you think your ride can top last week’s picks? Show ’em by uploading a photo to our Facebook page or post a snapshot on your Instagram and Twitter–just don’t forget to tag it with #apwratemyride and make the post public!

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