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Enter the Greenies!

By on March 17, 2017

It’s St. Patrick’s Day! And while we’d love to paint the town green and fill our bellies with vomit-inducing amounts of alcohol (we won’t drive after; we promise), we just couldn’t do that yet. We’re not passing up on the opportunity to share with you first our latest gallery of stunning rides, which is out-and-out fitting for the holiday.

Sure, we’ve known “green cars” as eco-friendly vehicles. But this time around, we’re using the moniker but deviating the focus. We’re all for cars that are pro-environment, but for today, we’re only scratching the surface. What we have for you are green cars, literally.

Let’s start with everyone’s favorite—the muscle car! You can’t get any edgier than the Camaro SS. But when it gets an upgrade with a unique and gorgeous colorway, it’s just impossible not to longingly stare at it and imagine one all-ready in your garage.

Source: Pinterest

Here’s another classic silhouette—with a paint job that leaves us all green with envy. It’s like this car made a trip to Emerald City and went back in the real world magnificent and magical.

Source: Pinterest

It’s of a lighter shade and draws farther back our collective nostalgia, but with the treatment of this custom classic making it an instant stunner, this greenie deserves more than 15 minutes in the LIMElight.

Source: Pinterest

Let’s now go to this modern roller that got us saluting for its commanding military presence. Just. Wow.

Source: Pinterest

It would be a shame if we limit this list to just the cars, right? Check out those meaty tires!

Source: Pinterest

One more truck that has a certain remarkable glow.

Source: Pinterest

Here’s something for the motorcycle fans. Classy and edgy at the same time. That sidecar is such a sweet bonus!

Source: Pinterest

And to close this gallery, this very apt ride:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

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