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7 VW Buses That’ll Trip You Out

By on March 9, 2017

They say life is too short to drive boring cars. So we say: drive a Volkswagen Bus! Three reasons—one, it’s iconic; two, it’s adventure-junky hip; and three, and most important of all, it’s easily upgradeable.

Some prefer it in solid colors, shiny or matte, and outfit it with accessories like a roof rack ladder to make it more interesting. Some tinker with its stance, equip it with massive wheels, and update its length (protip: go to Google, search for “Volkswagen bus limo”).

But the easiest way to up your VW bus game? Far-out paint job! Case in point, these stunners sure to enthrall the inner hippie in you.

All you need is love—and some flowers and a touch of motley vibrance. Check out those wheels in alternating colors!

Source: Pinterest

Saying this is psychedelic is an understatement. It’s like a mixed-media masterpiece made from water color and rust came to life.

Source: Pinterest

“It’s not always rainbows and butterflies” goes a famous Maroon 5 song. True: not always. You can also add the faces of music legends Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Dylan into mix to whip up one rocking ride.

Source: Pinterest

This one’s for all who’d want to roll up in a funky magic bus under oil pastel-blended skies. Totally glorious and groovy!

Source: Pinterest

If it glows in the dark, it’s got to be awesome. The hypnotizing effect of this VW definitely gives off a natural high even at the darkest of nights.

Source: Pinterest

This VW bus has the brightest disposition of the bunch. Might as well be the best VW bus in our list to drive in an open field, sunny skies and all.

Source: Pinterest

OK, scratch that. THIS might actually be the best VW bus to drive in an open field. Like, it’s on a different level of “paint job.” It just gives a whole new meaning to flower power.

Source: Pinterest

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