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Love Bugs: 6 VW Beetles You’ll Madly Fall In Love With (Part II)

By on February 8, 2017

It appears the proverbial bite of the love bug that has gotten us pining for Volkswagen’s most iconic car—the Beetle—this month of February, a time when our amorous side proves the sweetest, left a contagion among the readers of our blog.

And so, we’re back with Part II! Like, who are we to deprive you to indulge? And because we love you guys (told you it’s that time of the year), here are more awesome VW Bugs ready to mesmerize your eyes and eventually steal your hearts—

While modern VW Bugs remain as staple stunners, volksrod and older Beetles should not be out of the picture. Particularly this one, which is devilishly delightful.

Source: Pinterest

The VW Beetle might never experience how to become a real woodie, but that ain’t stopping this Bug from pushing the envelope. Props to the radical idea!

Source: Pinterest

Beetles with excellent paint job never cease to stir wonder. Just take these two Bugs as prime examples:

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

This work of genius is called the Vochol, a Volkswagen Beetle decorated with traditional Huichol beadwork. It was made in 4,765 man hours. It has more than two million beads. It is, for the lack of a better term, far-out awesome!

Source: Pinterest

And since we’re all about romance this month—remember the movie Shallow Hal? It spoke of big love. This Bug right here is no stranger to the concept.

Source: Pinterest


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