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7 Stunning Chevy Nomads You’d Want In Your Garage

By on January 12, 2017

During its glorious run in the mid-50s up until the early 70s, the Chevrolet Nomad was a celebrated “dream car” that was ahead of its time. Not because it boasted of any mindblowing technological advancements, but because it was a stylistic wonder that stood out from the wagons of its era, thanks to its unique design that was more reminiscent of a hardtop sedan than that of a standard station wagon. It was—its 1955-57 iteration, to be exact—even considered a halo model during its three-year production as a two-door estate car.

The Chevy Nomad is still a favorite among many car enthusiasts until today. It may be reduced to wishful thinking as a throwback ride aspired to be driven in times almost already defined by self-driving automobiles, but this, in any way, doesn’t diminish the legacy the Nomad has carved in car culture. Just let these photos do the talking so you may see how stunning and timeless the Chevy Nomad truly is!

We start with the most iconic—the ’55 Chevy Nomad fiery in red.

Source: Pinterest

If your preference leans toward a more retro feel, then this colorway might be your best bet.

Source: Pinterest

The Nomad looks classy as it is. But do you know how to you make it even classier? White walls!


Source: Pinterest

Would you just look at that! Truly a stunner in the LIMElight!

Source: Pinterest

Fun fact: The ’57 Nomad was one of the first cars to bridge the low rider-kustom gap.

Source: Pinterest

Now it may be edgy sporting a flame job, but it can also be plain but pulchritudinous—at the same time, utilitarian. Nomad ambulance: just proves how stylistically flexible the Chevy Nomad is!

Source: Pinterest

This could be the closest we can see the Nomad murdered out, and it’s devilishly debonair!

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And now for a little extra—

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