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Fall of the Titan: Apple Halts Plans to Build iCar

By on October 19, 2016

The proverbial apple has come a long way from hitting Isaac Newton on the head and giving way to the theory of gravity. It has since gained in the modern world a different incarnation with a proper-noun status and provided mankind with computers and life-changing thingamajigs called the iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Apple has, in fact, planned to even build a car, one that is electric, self-driving, and positioned to “give Tesla a run for its money.”


Source: Macworld

People are usually used to the tech giant delivering on its promise, but this time around, it appears the plans of pushing through with the effort staunchly codenamed Project Titan have been laid to rest.

Sad to say but yes, mankind can kiss its collective dreams of seeing the iCar goodbye.

The grapevine is teeming with claims that Apple has reassigned hundreds of its employees working on Titan to other parts of the company’s business. This appears to be the compounded confirmation of rumors that circulated in 2015 maintaining there were a lot of butting heads behind the scene of the company’s most ambitious venture yet.

Titan’s leaders were also given the directive to produce something viable by the end of 2017—with two daunting words punctuating the order: “or else.”

Right now, everything seems to be a muddle for Project Titan, with Apple top executives scrambling to find the right remedy for the problematic nature of automotive supply chain and other pertinent matters.

While a physical car may not surface as expected, what both Apple fans and drivers alike can anticipate from the company is a self-driving system, which can be sold to auto makers for use in their own cars.

Apple: software-based autonomous drive system

Source: Endgadget

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