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5 Pedal Cars That would Make You Want to Be a Kid Again

By on October 26, 2016

A pedal car is one of those toys that made life more enjoyable as a child. The excitement it brought as you pretended to be an adult cruising down the road on your way to work is just priceless. So when you see one today that is really well made, doesn’t it make you want to be a kid again? We have scoured the internet for creatively awesome pedal cars. Let us know in the comments section which one you would have loved to own when you were a kid!


Source: Pinterest

At first, you’d think: the rusty, vintage look of an old car was really captured on this one. And then, you’d realize that this may not be the safest pedal car for a kid to have with all the rust. Hope it’s not real rust, though.


Source: Pinterest

Now this is just pure awesome. Vintage look with a teardrop trailer? What kind of kid wouldn’t want to have that?


Source: Pinterest

Nice and sleek.


Source: Pinterest

Whether it’s a real one or just a pedal car, a gasser is definitely fun.


Source: Pinterest

Is owning a Volkswagen Bus a life-long dream just like the rest of us? Well, if that dream won’t be fulfilled anytime soon, you can start small by owning this pedal car.


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