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5 Vehicles that are Perfect for Surfers

By on May 27, 2016

Summer is fast approaching and a lot of people are going to the beach to beat the heat and have fun! Surfing is one of the many activities you can do at the beach. If you’re a surfer, you may want to consider getting a good surf car because you really don’t want to ruin your normal sedan with wax and sand. You also don’t want that foul smell in the back of your car when your wedging in your boards and wetsuits. In this article, we’ll show you 5 of the best surf cars you could own. Just keep scrolling!

1. Volkswagen Camper Van

Source: Pinterest

This Van is perfect for road trips and a lot of surfers have made it their chosen mode of transportation since the 1960s.  The vehicle is very spacious and reliable, not to mention very easy on gas and easy to fix! It can definitely take you from coast to coast if you’re searching for the best beaches!

2.  Subaru AWD Wagon


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Subaru is known for its speed and ample horsepower! This wagon will get you to the beach faster, especially the 6-cylinder turbo edition. You can definitely fit a few boards inside the car or just strap them to the roof while you drive soundly and safely with everything on board.

3. Dodge Tradesman


Source: Pinterest

Well, as you can see, the picture says it all! A bunch of friends hanging out with the van as the center of their activity! Similar to the Volkswagen van, this one’s very spacious and easy to bring. You can fit most of your beach equipment inside as well! Perfect for long drives and outings with your family and friends!

4. Ford Econoline Van


Source: Pinterest

This van is so big, there’s plenty of room for you and your friends inside! The Econoline model is enormous and it grew even bigger over the decade. Another reason why you may want the E-Sseries is that it’s cheaper than you think. Perfect for surfers who stay at the beach for a long time since you can definitely call it your home for several days with all the stuff you can fit inside.

5.  1981 Toyota Pickup 4×4



Source: Pinterest

The 1981 Toyota Pickup 4×4 could easily be driven 3,000 miles with its 22-R engine. One of the advantages of having a Toyota is that it’s very easy to maintain because its parts are available all over the world. This truck in particular is very good for off-road driving and is guaranteed to be a lot of fun to bring at the beach. Surfers will not have a problem loading their boards and suits onto the pick up bed.

Know other vehicles perfect for surfers? Feel free to list them down in the comments section!

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