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6 Must-Have Things for a Hardcore Jeep Owner

By on February 29, 2016

Identifying a regular Jeep owner from the hardcore one is surprisingly difficult. Why? Well, it’s simply because there’s not that many signs or symptoms that you can look for. Can you tell them apart just by looking at the way they drive? Maybe. But we think it’s going to be a hard task for someone who’s not a Jeep owner himself. Despite this, what we do know is that there are some things that you can find in a Jeep owner’s household that only a hardcore Jeep owner would own. What are those things? Here you go:


Source: Pinterest

A Jeep bench first and foremost. One of the most basic must-have things for a hardcore Jeep owner. It’s easy to make and will look good on anyone’s front porch.


Source: Pinterest

If you can’t see a bench, then a hardcore Jeep owner must own a Jeep chair like this one. Simple, comfortable, and very stylish. Just like Jeep itself.


Source: Pinterest

Winter is no joke. So if a hardcore Jeep owner can’t do as much driving as he likes during winter, he might as well have fun getting warm with this Jeep fire pit.


Source: Pinterest

Now we’re getting to the really hardcore stuff. This workstation, for example, is all you need to see to know who you’re dealing with.


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Why will you watch videos of your off-road/rock-crawling adventures on your smart phone when you can enjoy those glorious moments on a ginormous TV screen with a full-size front fascia of a Jeep staring right back at you?


Source: Pinterest

Now this. This is what happens when a Jeep owner holds nothing back and goes full hardcore.

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