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5 Different but Beautifully Customized Van Interiors

By on February 18, 2016

Going on a very long drive can be exhausting sometimes, but what if you owned a very comfortable, spacious and cool van? We’re pretty sure that you would plan a trip every weekend to enjoy what your van has to offer. In this article, you would see different custom van interiors with very hip and awesome designs.


1. Earthy Lounge


Source: Pinterest

Can you imagine chilling in this van? The carpet and the earthy colors of the Sofa and the roof would really make you feel relaxed and happy. We’re pretty sure that you and your friends will have a good time here maybe playing board games or just chill drinking during a long road trip.



Source: Pinterest

2. Mothers Day Out Van
Oh this van is perfect for mothers who would like to spend a day with their girl friends for a good quality time. Whenever you feel like you need a break from your everyday stress then this van is perfect to take you away and just relax with your friends, talk about your families, catch up on each other have a slice of cake and a cup of tea. The Vibrant colors and the very homey design will definitely bring you good vibes and positivity!


3. Gypsy Van


Source: Pinterest

If Esmeralda had a van, it would definitely look like this! The design is very intricate, every material that was used really contributed to the theme. This van is different in a very good way, it looks very beautiful inside. Traveling in this is worth the experience and definitely one for the books!


4. The Tree House


Source: Pinterest

Ever dreamed of having a tree house? What if you want a tree house and you want to travel a lot at the same time? This van is perfect for you! It’s wooden interior will somehow remind you of what it’s like to be inside a tree house. That ladder and the Christmas lights really add up to the vibe! Just wait, Tarzan might come knocking at your door!


5. Hippie Dreamers Van


Source: Pinterest

This van will definitely take you on a trip you won’t forget! Everything in it is just very hippie and trippy! Bring out the guitar and get ready for a fun jamming while you all sing together to your favorite songs. No bad vibes will ever enter this van, we’re pretty positive about it! Oh, have you ever watched the movie, Across the Universe? This look might actually remind you of their trippy escapade with Bono singing the famous Beatles song, The Walrus.

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