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Ridiculous Driver Mistakes (That Will Make You Cringe, Laugh, and Flinch)

By on December 24, 2014

Driving isn’t always a walk in the park. Mistakes do happen. You may miss the exit on the highway, forget that you have turn signals or parking brakes, and never quite master your parallel parking stunt (after so many tries). But some driver mistakes are just too outrageous and embarrassing that it will make you wonderwhat the hell were they thinking? Here are some of the driving blunders that will make you cringe, flinch, and even laugh:

Money can buy you one helluva sports car, but apparently not common sense or mad parking skills.


 Source: MotorAuthority

A million dollar mistake! We can feel your heart breaking for this Audi R8 Spyder right here. How could the driver of this fine piece of convertible even think that it’s okay to squeeze this into a tight spot ?

But then this driver is not alone. Not everyone has a good sense of how parking goes!

parking 1Source: GIFBIN

parking 2

Source: Complex

At least the wipers are OK!

carwashSource: Reddit

We all have that urge to step right out the last minute in a drive-thru car wash. But as we can see, we must not give in to such strong feelings!

Driving off with the gas hose still in the car? Here’s one of the worst things that can happen:

Woman forgets to remove the gas pump handleSource: GIF CRAP

Got a feeling that you forgot something at the gas station? How about the gas hose?




Source: QuickMeme

Don’t push your luck—especially on the railroad track!


Source: PureBreak

Don’t ever think for one second that your part of The Fast and The Furious crew. This stunt is the stuff you should only see in movies.

So you’re running out of parking space. Still, it’s never a smart idea to park on a fresh cement. 


Source: Epic Fail

It’s hard to imagine that someone would miss this and let the car be stuck in a real sticky situation.

Nice and easy and then BAM! It looks like there are more fixes to be done.


Source: GIF BIN

Slipping into a hole isn’t fun. Good thing this happened in a service garage.

Don’t be this guy who lets his car take control and slam right through.   


Source: Tumblr

Any more epic car fail you’d like to share?

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