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5 Automotive-Related Mishaps Captured at the Right Moment

By on December 25, 2014

Road mishaps are inevitable. But there are rare moments when a driver’s failure becomes a photographer’s masterpiece. Here are some of automotive-related incidents that are captured by the photographer at the right moment:

a98137_unlucky_12-waterSource: Pinterest

Could any other day be worse than this? Just when you think this is gonna be your day, you just find yourself soaking wet after a car ran into the puddle in front of you and PRESTO! You’ve got that fresh out of the shower look!


mud splashSource: Imgur

These surfers can relate to that, too, as it’s pretty much obvious that they dealt with mud waves first before they even got the chance to enjoy big surfing waves.


a98137_unlucky_4-sunkSource: Oddee

No, this ain’t street art. The photographer was just so quick to capture the moment before this car got drowned by a sink hole. So much for a bad day!


Alessandro Penso's Adolescence Denied: Young Immigrants in GreeceSource: The Guardian

If you think these guys are havin’ fun, you’re wrong. That dude who seems like flying or jumping was actually hit by a car in Greece during a racist attack made by locals. The photographer, Alessandro Penso, just happened to press his shutter at the right moment to capture this.


tim24Source: Smash

Now this isn’t a road mishap but flooding. It’s just amazing how the art on the bus’ wall coincides with the situation outside right when the photo was taken. Isn’t it perfect?

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