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13 Totally Stunning Photos of Frozen and Snow-Covered Cars

By on December 22, 2014

cars_snow7Source: NY Daily News

Ask car owners what they don’t look forward to the most during winter and they’ll probably agree on two things—snow and ice. These two seem to be a big wall to any driver. But in spite of these being a burden, there is also something beautiful and exciting about them. See some of the most impressive photos of frozen and snow-covered cars, and you will never look at winter the same way again.

1. This one’s a masterpiece. Combine snow with an old Chevy and a little bit of golden sunburst and voila!

snow_covered_car10Source: Schultzphotographic

The photographer just wanted some HDR winter fun, and this 1948 Chevy Fleetmaster completely captured his attention. He was hoping for a more dramatic sunset, but he got a sunburst instead. Still the photo came out quite well, don’t you think?

2. These cars may have seen better days. But when covered with snow, they are far from being unimpressive.

snow_covered_car1Source: Blogspot

3.Though this snow-covered car looks glorious, we still think this shouldn’t be left all night out in the snow.

snow_covered_car3Source: Learnitivity

Because if you do, it will probably look like the car in the next photo.

4. Now, tell us, “Just how are you going to get that thing out of that thick snow?”

snow_covered_car4Source: Daily Mail

5. And this Audi R8 Spyder here is going to be in deep trouble too. Uh-oh!

snow_covered_car6Source: Pinterest

We can just imagine the look of its owner’s face once he sees what happens to his hot car.

6. Well, this hot rod here doesn’t look that hot either.


We’re really itching to get the snow off that 1955 Packard Patrician and fully restore it to its full glory.

7. These two look good in winter. But without the snow, they should probably be off somewhere else.

snow_covered_car11Source: Flickr

8. Now, can you guess which one of these is your car?

snow_covered_car13Source: WordPress

 9. How about here?

snow_covered_car12Source: Telegraph

Hmmm…This makes us wonder, “Where did all those people in the cars go?” But we think, these cars are still way luckier than the ones in the next photos.

10. This parked car is freezing cold. And we’re chilling just by looking at it.

snow_covered_car2Source: The Atlantic

11. This one is even worse…

snow_covered_car8Source: The Roosevelts

12. Same with these trucks…

snow_covered_car7Source: Daily Mail

13. And this frozen school bus here won’t be able to pick up and drop off kids anytime soon.

snow_covered_car9Source: Dark Roasted Blend

 If only it has these…

no-more-snow-daysSource: Funny Memes

Brrrrr! Have a safe winter driving guys!

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